Dream of Flying

When I was a child, my grandmother had a live actor Peter Pan movie that we got to watch when we spent the night. The best part of that movie? They got to fly! They literally left the floor and were zooming around the T.V. screen!


Of course, I didn’t know about the wires they were hooked up to. All I saw was faith, trust, a bit of pixie dust, and magical flight. I would dream of leaping off the stairs in our house and floating along, defying gravity. My dreams were so real, I’m still a bit surprised I never actually tried it.

How wonderful would it be- to leap off the edge of a cliff and know that you would catch air and soar above canyons and waterfalls, seeing the world from the sky?



I dream of flying.

Better still, I simply dream.

Too often, our dreams are left behind in the dust as our reality sets in. I may dream of flying, but I also dream of graduating summa cum laude, of traveling the world, of being a physical therapist, of helping to heal the broken. My reality is that I barely passed chemistry, I have less than $200 in my checking account, and graduating PT school is three long years away. How do I hold onto making my dreams a reality?

I can’t stop dreaming. But I also can’t stop living.

I must be practical and plan ahead. I must realize that I don’t have enough money to pay for a round trip plane ticket anywhere. I must batten down the hatches and prepare for three years of intense studying and dedication.

But I’ll still dream of flying.

I’ll still keep looking out my window on rainy days, and hear Peter Pan’s voice in my head, “I can fly! I can fly! I can fly!”

10660762_10152288272698021_932240498_n - Copy

One day, without meaning too, I will have taken flight. I will wake up in some foreign country, doing a job I love and realize that in that strange dimension where dreams and reality combine, I am living my dreams. They may not be the Never Land I saw through the rose-colored glasses of youth and naivety, but it will be my flight. My reality. My dreams.


So keep dreaming. Keep planning. Keep living. Don’t get discouraged while you are finding your wings and learning how to become who you want to be.

The days of your life will pass you by, a steady march through the time you have been given. Paint your reality with the stuff of dreams. Challenge yourself to a higher standard, to a grander vision of what you want to accomplish. You need to dream.

Don’t dream of falling though. Dream that you can fly.




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