They Were Simply Men

This Father’s Day, and with my recent trip to Washington D.C. fresh in my memory, my mind turns to America’s Founding Fathers. They began a country, which is no small thing, but why do we remember these few brave men? We have immortalized them- their words, their actions, their role in our nation’s history, but why?

They were Simply Men. Founders-e1331373957526

The United States, while a rare experiment in government, is certainly not the first new country that began as a result of a war. So why are our Founding Father’s still so respected and honored even as our culture continues to sink into depravity?

Because true, while they were simply men, they were Great Men.

And they were not just great men, but great men who lived with Integrity and Honor.

They had a code of conduct, a moral standard, and a belief in ideals that set them apart from so many men today. Though we only remember a few by name easily, in their time, they were just a few among many.

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Integrity was the standard of leadership.

Honor was the reason they stayed true to their course of action.

Faith was the reason they persevered in the face of great adversity.

The Founding Fathers did more than found the United States of America. They led a people broken by war into an uncertain future with a new style of government that the world had never seen- a government of the people, by the people, for the people with a foundation of faith as the cornerstone. This foundation recognized humanity’s God-given rights, recognized her tendency to fall into sin, but also her potential for greatness.


Why are the standards of our Founding Fathers seen as so unattainable now? Why do we sigh and say of their profound words, “No one talks like that anymore.”

Why do we shake our heads at America’s growing cultural decay yet continue to take the moral high ground instead of going out to fight for the character of her youth?

The truth is, the Founding Fathers were simply men.

They had flaws, insecurities, weaknesses, moments of doubt, and made mistakes. Yes, they were great, but that is because they were able to attain their potential in a time of struggle.

That potential for greatness, the potential for profound thoughts and prayers, the potential to lead the next generation into success rests in all men today.

IMG_5197Why do pay our respects to bones long buried? They were simply men!

We, the living, can do just as much as they ever did. Perhaps more.

The time is now!

The time for men to lead with integrity, faith, and honor is not gone. The time for fathers to provide leadership in their families and communities is not gone.

The time has come for Men of God to take hold of the standard that was raised by our country’s Founding Father’s and lead. Men who are equipped with the full armor of God, swinging the mighty Sword of Truth in every darkened corner of their household and their feet equipped with the Gospel of Peace standing firm in the workplace.

Where you lead, people will follow.

I applaud you, for though you are few in number, you are mighty. You are as the Founding Fathers were to America. You are great leaders, and will not be forgotten in the Lamb’s Book of Life. We will feel the effect of your leadership for the rest of our lives.

Lead strong. Lead with integrity and honor. Lead with faith unfurled as a flag before you.

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The Founding Fathers were simply men, but they were men who changed the world.

To all you dad’s out there, Happy Father’s Day. You are more than simply men. You are our leaders.

Lead, for we are longing to follow.



The road goes ever on,