Auld Lang Syne

As I sit here by the fire in the living room of my childhood home, counting down the hours until 2016, and listening to Susan Boyle sing Auld Lang Syne, I can’t help but reflect back on all the milestone moments that have made up my 2015. Yes, this will be a slightly sappy and nostalgic post, but bear with me- I don’t usually indulge in such excessive emotional expression.

This year of blogging and sharing my life with all of you has been quite an experience and I’ve loved every minute of it and I hope you have as well.

I was trying to pick out all the significant photos to try and sum up my year, but narrowing it down proved impossible. There have been so many moments, so many little victories, and thankfully, very few incidents of panic and sinking-stomach feelings.  So to wrap up this monumental and lovely year, here are 15 of my top moments:

  1. January 2015- I got accepted to the Kranert School of Physical Therapy at the University of Indianapolis. That letter I’m holding is the culmination of 4 years of hard work, dreaming big, and no shortage of the grace of God.2015-01-29 14.37.35
  2. March 21, 2015- Woke up at 5 AM in the Land of Enchantment with two of my best friends singing Taylor Swift to welcome me to my 22nd year on planet Earth.11377203_10207011772717606_1093685745815291026_n
  3. Spring Break 2015- I got a week of adventure climbing mountains and rocks, sledding down White Sands and seeing the missile and bomb history of the US, and enjoying the company of two of my dear friends Joy and Allie.IMG_4279
  4. April 2015- I put a year of riding lessons to use by jumping in my first competition with my wonderful partner Bruno.IMG_4407
  5. May 2, 2015- I GRADUATED from ORU Magna Cum Laude with a B.S. in Health and Exercise Science.IMG_0924
  6. May/June- I traveled to Washington D.C. for the first time with my youngest sister Rachel. It was amazing and inspiring to see the tributes to America’s finest. From Quantico, Arlington Cemetery, and the Iwo Jima memorial to Mount Vernon, Capitol Hill, and Gettysburg, it was an unforgettable and jam-packed week with my baby sis.IMG_5191
  7. July 2015- Gerecke Family Reunion! What a legacy my Opa and YiaYia left… Family is such a precious thing and all of us cousins have again resolved to make sure we never forget it.11749624_947319301994397_1575018534_n
  8. August 2015- I took a real quick vacation to Tulsa to catch up with my friends still in good ol’ Oklahoma and to help my sister Alyssa move in for her sophomore year at ORU. It was so good to see everyone and it really helped me get my head screwed on straight before beginning school all over again.IMG_20150805_200511378
  9. August 2015- I moved to Indianapolis in my first big girl apartment! I’m a grown-up now?20150730_142249
  10. August 31, 2015- I start PT school! ‘Nough said.20151013_115904
  11. October 2015- At this point I’ve started to really appreciate all the unexpected close friendships and fun times I’m having with my wonderful classmates. We have had to pull together to get through this tough semester with our sanity intact.12313712_10154383067453852_6360433721834669074_n
  12. November 2015- Thanksgiving! One of the most blessed and contented days of my year. I appreciate so much my family and where I’m at in life.
  13. December 3, 2015- I got to see The Piano Guys (a goal of quite a few years now) with my Mom and brother, Nathan. They were amazing! And it was incredible to finally see them live!IMG_4942
  14. December 18, 2015-STAR WARS!!!!!!


    Thank You Facebook for encouraging my Star Wars obsession!

  15. Christmas 2015- It was very different with Mom working on the actual holiday, but it was still really awesome. As all of us kids have grown up, it’s been a wonderful evolution of how we care for each other through all the festivities.20151231_233432

And there you have it- My 2015 summed up in a few quick snapshots of life. Of course, there is the 2nd Tough Mudder I finished, my first backpacking trip, camping, climbing Howard Auditorium, doing the splits on the Indy sign, and the global phenomenon of STAR WARS, but I only promised highlights remember?

Suffice to say, God has blessed me so much and I can only pray that 2016 will hold as much joy and accomplishment as this one has. So here’s to Auld Lang Syne. To times long gone; to memories made; to growth; to disappointment; to Walter Mitty moments.

To 2015!imagejpeg_13[1]

The Road Goes Ever On!

Much love, Annamarie


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