I Want the Same Things You Do

The aftermath of disbelief, the onslaught of bitter hate, the disappointment and the rage

Directed at Me?


I’m not a bigot. I’m not a racist. I’m not a misogynist.

Why do you label me as such?

I want the same things you do.

I want the right to speak, to be respected, to be considered equal

In the workplace, in the home, and in society.

I’m not homophobic. I’m not islamophobic. I’m not a war monger.

I want peace for my family, prosperity for my nation, and protection for those who have none.

Why do I deserve the wrath of your frustration and fear?

I want the same things you do.

I want all people to be able to walk safely down the street without fear of a gun or the person behind it.

I want all people, regardless of personal life choices, to have a country that welcomes them home.

Why do you strike at me from the safety of your screens?

I want the same things you do.

We have simply exercised our right to vote, to have a voice, to take part in something

Larger than us.

“But how can you trust that man?”

Even if I did, by what rights do you condemn me?

I want the same things you do.

“You are blind! You are a fool! You are ignorant!”

Why do you label me as such?

An X in a ballot box does not define me and it certainly does not make me

A stupid, heartless, and deplorable human.

I see your fear. I see your disappointment. I have felt it before.

You see, I want the same things you do.

Can you not see?

An X in a ballot box is not a measure of my humanity.

Why do you label it as such?

Think of me how you wish- misguided, delusional, lost.

Nothing I say will dissuade you.

But know this-

I am as much a person as you.

Why would you deny me the right to have an opinion different than yours?

I have dreams of a better country, where love, not fear, is the standard we are held to.

For perfect love casts out all fear.

When I say that my X in the ballot box marked a different box than yours,

Why do you assume I am against all that is good in the world?

Do you even know me?

If you did you would know that the reality is this-

I want the same things you do.



The Road Goes Ever On,